Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 6 Spoilers, Release Date

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Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 6, might see some form of jealousy based on the title, I Want to Be Him. Between whom -- that we don't know yet. But we're just as curious as you are.

Quick Recap

The Duttons have recovered from their life-threatening attacks in Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 5, but the tragedy has changed how the family approaches dispute. In this episode, John decides to deal with animal rights activist Summer Higgins, while Beth starts a new job at Market Equities.

The bond between Rip and Lloyd is jeopardized, and Jamie is forced to confront his biological father. All of these developments suggest that the upcoming episode will have big consequences for all of the characters, and we can't wait to see how they play out.

Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 6 Spoilers

Episode 6 will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences for all of the main characters.

We'll also see how Beth adjusts to her new work at Market Equities, as well as what Caroline has in store for her. Beth may be forced to make morally dubious decisions.

John's decision to show Summer the ranch could backfire, and he may come to regret his actions. Summer might also pick up some insight into the realities of the difficulties she's facing. Beth may be intimidated by Summer's presence at the ranch, and the two may not get along.

The tension between Rip and Lloyd could break into another confrontation, severing their friendship forever.

Jamie's excitement upon meeting his son will most likely be short-lived due to his impending encounter with Garrett. Garrett, however, appears to have foreseen this and is likely to have devised a scheme to manipulate Jamie. It remains to be seen whether Jamie's newfound freedom would pave the way for reconciliation with Christina.

Episode 6 Release Date

Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 6 will air on Paramount Network on Dec. 5, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET. Season 4 consists of ten episodes, each lasting 40-45 minutes. Every Sunday, new episodes of the show air on the network.

Where to Watch Yellowstone Online

You can watch Yellowstone Season 4 live on the Paramount Network website or app if you have a valid cable login. New episodes will also be available for streaming and purchase the next day on the Paramount Network website/app and on iTunes/Amazon.

You can also watch the new season live with an active subscription to fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV (via the $6/month Comedy Extra package), Philo, or DIRECTV STREAM.


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