Wonder Woman 1984 will Tackle Diana's Loneliness

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With the first Wonder Woman story centered on Diana finding out about the true nature of humanity, Wonder Woman 1984 is going to give us a Diana that has lived with the people for a while. What's interesting is, the movie will be tackling something else for the Amazon Princess—loneliness.

Talking to Empire, Gal Gadot explains Diana's ‘evolution' in this story. She says:

"The first movie was a coming of age, it was Diana becoming Wonder Woman… She was very naive and she didn't understand the complexities of life. A fish out of water. In this movie, that's not the case whatsoever. Diana has evolved. She's much more mature and very wise. However, she's very lonely. She lost all of her team members and she's guarded. And then something crazy happens."


Diana's loneliness is probably what will fuel her relationship with the resurrected Steve Trevor. We still don't know how the movie has brought him back, but I can imagine that Diana will try everything to keep him by her side. Then again, I'm almost sure that he'll be gone again once the credits start rolling.

Personally, I'm not a fan of bringing Trveor back to life, but if the story is interesting enough, I'm all for it. The guess is that it could have something to do with the god of Death Hades, who Diana has clashed with in the comics. If anything, I'm sure this is one of those purposeful actions from a villain rather than something that just happened on accident.

For now, Wonder Woman 1984 is set to hit theaters on Aug. 14.

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