William Shatner has No Plans for a Star Trek Return

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Star Trek: Picard has managed to bring back beloved characters from The Next Generation while also feeling like something completely new, despite its sluggish pacing. Due to this big revival, a lot of Star Trek fans have wondered if William Shatner's Captain Kirk will return for something similar, whether it be a series or movie. It turns out that won't be the case since Shatner feels that his version of Captain Kirk has had his complete story told.

On Twitter, a fan asked William Shatner if he would be appearing in a series revival similar to Picard. It seems like Shatner has no interest in appearing on some sort of Kirk show and that's probably for the best. If we're being honest, there's more interest in seeing Chris Pine's version of Captain Kirk return to the big screen rather than Shatner's on a series.


Does this mean we'll never see Shatner appear in a Star Trek series or movie? Probably as Captain Kirk, though we wouldn't be surprised if he had a random cameo as a background character in the near future. Star Trek does seem to have garnered some new fans thanks to Picard and Discovery so we wouldn't be surprised if he cameoed for those shows in the future.

Star Trek: Picard airs on CBS Access weekly, with a few more episodes to go before the first season ends. Star Trek: Picard Season 2 has already been greenlit.

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