10 Feb 2021 2:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Will The Witcher Be on DVD or Blu-Ray, and When Will It Be Released?

The Witcher comes in hot this year as the second season of the series is underway. The Witcher has gained popularity since its inception in Netflix. Based on the work of author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher follows the unorthodox family fighting for the truth in a world where humans and monsters co-exist.

Herny Cavill's Geralt of Rivia banners the series as the monster hunter in a medieval world where he encounters Yennefer, a quarter elf portrayed by Anya Chalotra, and Ciri, a magical princess played by Freya Allan. Other characters include Joey Batey's Jaskier, Eamon Farren's Cahir, Anna Shaffer's Triss, and MyAnna Buring's Tissaia.

The Witcher DVD
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The Witcher Season 2 has been confirmed and is currently filming despite facing multiple delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then when crew members tested positive, and the minor injury that Henry Cavill sustained while on set.


The first season of The Witcher is a binge-worthy series which leads to many fans wondering if the series would be having a DVD or Blu-Ray release. To date, there is no confirmation yet as regards this question. But it's never too late to hope for a physical release of the series because it is possible.

Netflix Originals that go big had their chance to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray like The Crown, House of Cards, Daredevil, and Fuller House. It entirely depends on both the production companies holding the series and how well did the series fair.

Given that The Witcher has been a staple of Netflix, it would not be a surprise if it would be having a DVD and Blu-Ray release. In the case of Netflix, their DVD and Blu-ray release usually comes after more or less a year after the series has been released on the streaming platform.

Taking into Marvel's Daredevil and Stranger Things Season 2 as an example. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen debuted on Netflix in its banner title Daredevil on April 10, 2015. After more than a year and a half, Daredevil got its DVD and Blu-ray release on November 8, 2016, just months after the release of its second season.

Another example is Stranger Things Season 2. After the return of the Hawkins gang on Netflix on October 27, 2017, they got their DVD and Blu-Ray release just a year after on November 6, 2018.

This means that for The Witcher, it is also possible that the series will have a DVD and Blu-ray release. Better late than never, right?

Considering that The Witcher has been released on Netflix for more than a year already, it's never too late for Netflix to give it a DVD and Blu-Ray release. Also taking into consideration the halt that the pandemic has brought to almost everything, it might take some time but it's always possible.


Netflix subscribers, worry not, because you won't be missing out even when there would be a DVD and Blu-ray release as the physical release of the series only contains individual episodes. There are usually no bonus features added on the physical release so it's just a win-win situation.

For now, all eyes are on The Witcher Season 2 as it is slated for release on Netflix in late 2021.

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