Who Is Sakugan’s Memempu?

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Formerly known as Sacks&Guns!!, Sakugan is an anime produced by Satelight. The series ran from October to December 2021. Originally, it was a novel entitled, Sakugan Labyrinth Marker. When the series made its premiere, there are a lot of facts established. One is that Gagumber is Memempu’s father.

She is a nine-year-old girl who is intelligent for her age. She was able to graduate college with seven doctorates. She can see visions of towering structure in her dreams and plans to become a Marker. But episode 12 of Sakugan further explained who Memumpu really is.

Who Is Sakugan’s Memempu?

Who Is Sakugan’s Memempu?
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Who Is Sakugan’s Memempu?

Shibito is a terrorist group that kidnapped Memempu. The leader of the said group refers Memempu as a rainbow child. For those who have missed this part, a rainbow child comes from genes containing biochemical factors from their land. These children can help preserve the world in defiance of a natural order.

He believes that these children are not allowed to exist and could only give pain to others. To prove his point, he said that Memempu has memories of when she was still an infant. She does remember, and she wrote down her memories along with her vivid dreams. If that is not enough, it appeared that Memempu’s intelligence adds proof that she is a rainbow child.

The leader added that Gagumber was not her real father. All this new information made Memempu sad and confused. She started to go into an existential crisis, and Gagumber was there to comfort her. The truth about their relationship will not change the fact that Gagumber was the one who raised and loved Memempu.


He took care of her the same way he would if he had his own daughter. He protected her and gave her the love she deserves. He does not care if he had to fight terrorists, kaiju, or even the government. Episode twelve revealed that Memempu is not an actual human being but this does not change Gagumber’s relationship or perspective of her.

The revelation truly emphasized the main theme of the series which is family. Gagumber and Memempu’s bond will make viewers wish they have a deep connection with their father.

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