Who Is Saiki’s One True Love in Saiki K?

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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. follows the life of Kusuo Saiki who is a high school student born with powers such as teleportation and psychokinesis. At first, he tried to hide it from his schoolmates but there are instances wherein he had no choice but to use his abilities.

In the series, Saiki has a lot of admirers that could lead to possible romantic admirers. His abilities helped increase his popularity among the ladies. Some of his admirers are his classmate Chiyo Yumehara, PK Academy’s popular girl Kokomi Teruhashi, and fellow psychic Mikoto Aiura. But who is his one and true love?

Who Is Saiki’s One True Love in Saiki K?

Who Is Saiki’s One True Love in Saiki K?
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Who Is Saiki’s One True Love in Saiki K?

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is not your average anime so it would not be surprising if Saiki’s true love is someone, rather something, fans did not expect. In fact, he was linked to different amazing women but in the end, his love was strong for coffee jelly. He sees all the women who liked him as a nuisance and only focused on the things that matter to him, particularly the coffee jelly.

He would do anything just to get his beloved dessert and when he does, his facial expression is just priceless. Some can even connect it to someone who had his first date. His passion and love for the dessert are just on a different level. He would choose coffee jelly without a doubt, and no woman can ever change that, which is kind of sad for those who admire Saiki.

Saiki’s relationships with other women are just plain acquaintances. He isn’t interested in their personal lives or anything related to them. He can find them annoying but after some time, he can get used to their personalities but the relationship will just stop there.

Saiki goes into development throughout the series which is an interesting point for viewers. His personality when he was a child will develop as he grew up. His selfless attitude is one of the factors that drove his admirers’ attention to him, and we can’t deny that. Saiki is an all-rounded character that any woman will fall for but his heart is already owned by a delicious dessert.


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