What Star Wars Would Have Looked Like If It Used The Earliest Concept Designs

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Star Wars looked very different from the 1977 film that millions of people that came to know and love for many years. Early concept designs by legendary illustrator and designer Ralph McQuarrie painted a whole different world that is just as intriguing and amazing. Have you ever wondered what could have been if George Lucas stuck with these designs?

A class at Dave Art School, digital animation and visual effects school based in Orlando, Florida, has reimagined the saga using these initial ideas in an epic concept trailer that would make you want to explore this different galaxy far, far away.


For those who don't know, Lucas initially envisioned a female hero for the story by the name of Luka Starkiller before he eventually created the now-iconic character of Luke Skywalker. Another notable change was Han Solo, being a more alien-like creature with green skin and gills. The smuggler-turned-hero was supposed to be an alien sidekick to the main character.

Stormtroopers were the ones who wielded lightsabers, which only came in one color: white. Darth Vader was also more menacing than when we first see him in Star Wars: A New Hope. C-3PO was less human and more machine before he became a droid who always feared for his life.

Even Chewbacca got some redesigns. He initially looked more like a lemur with long elf ears instead of an ape. Even the ships had that classic feel to them. This iteration had an overall much darker aura too. Watch the video below:

The talented students put all these things together and created a concept trailer for what might have been aka "the Star Wars that never was."


The clip, which is more than a minute long, truly brings these ideas to life. Not only does it effectively show this amazing world and how there's always so much to see in this intergalactic franchise, but it also demonstrates the level of talent present in the Star Wars community.

The concept trailer made fans want to see a Star Wars film or series set in an alternate universe. Would you like to see one?

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