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What Is the Secret Life of the Shadows in Shadows House

Shadows House introduced fans to a dark mansion where denizens are attended by their Living Doll partners. The role of the Living Dolls is to clean the soot released by their masters. The story focuses on Emilico who is a cheerful Living Doll. She serves Kate and their relationship developed into friendship.

Emilico and Kate then discovered the secrets of the house including the secret life of the shadows. What is this secret life, and what does it have to do with Emilico, Kate, and the other characters of the story? Continue reading to find out.

What Is the Secret Life of the Shadows in Shadows House

What Is the Secret Life of the Shadows in Shadows House 1
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A lot of fans who watched the series are curious about the Shadows and everything was explained in Episode 11 of the anime. It explained that the Noble family is actually a special kind of morph. They are creatures with mimic abilities. This allowed them to brainwash everyone who is near their gigantic mansion.


Dorothy and Ryan, the aristocratic shadows, go to nearby villages to take children. They make it seem that these children were the chosen ones to live in the mansion and experience a life of luxury. But before they can leave, the children must drink the bitter beverages Dorothy and Ryan brought. After drinking, the kids were knocked out.

The episode revealed that the Living Dolls are actually children who lost their memories. The Shadows take them to the Noble house where undeveloped morphs will observe them until one gets attached to one kid. The morph will mimic the appearance of the child to form its basic shape. The two will then be separated: the Shadow will be taken to a wonderful room while the human will be placed in a servant’s room.

To improve the personality of the Shadow, he or she must form a strong bond with the human or its Face. The two must be close for the next stage which is called the merging. The Morph and the Face will merge once they are in perfect synch and eventually the Morph will take over the Face’s body. Once the merging is done, the Face must be killed and the Morph will replace the Face in the human world.

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