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WB Dismisses Reports of Putting Ezra Miller’s DCEU Career on Pause

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It's been a rough couple of weeks for Ezra Miller who recently came under fire after having a series of meltdowns in Hawaii late last month. In case you didn't know, the star of the upcoming DC film The Flash was involved in two separate incidents where he displayed aggressive behavior. The first incident took place at a local bar in Honolulu where the actor reportedly became agitated after guests began singing karaoke. Following the initial report, a couple surfaced requesting a temporary restraining order against the 29-year-old after he allegedly threatened to murder them.

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Credit: WB

This week, news began swirling all over the internet that Warner Bros. is finally stepping in to reprimand the Justice League actor. According to Rolling Stone, the studio was forced to hold an emergency meeting to address the matter with Ezra's future in the DC Extended Universe hanging in the balance.

Well, it turns out that none of it is true and an internal source from WB has already debunked reports of them discussing the matter. IGN spoke with the said source who said dismissed the claims as "exaggeration".

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At this rate, it's hard to tell whether or not WB is telling the truth and if anything, they're just trying to do their best to avoid another PR nightmare. But if the latest report about them not interfering is actually true, I gotta say, leaving things unaddressed is only going to create more problems for them. They really need to do something to help Miller with his issues.

The Flash
is currently scheduled for release on June 23, 2023.

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