Watch ‘What If Star Wars: The Last Jedi Used Episode IX Logic?’

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Credit: Star Wars Theory/Youtube
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If you would compare Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, you can definitely say that both films were on opposite ends when it came to dealing fanservice. What’s fun is, Star Wars Theory on Youtube has released this fun animation of what The Last Jedi would look like if it used the logic of TROS.


Check it out:

Though Emperor Palpatine may be the big bad of the entire franchise, I absolutely love parodies where he has to deal with the heroes besting him. It’s just fun to think that he had no plan for Snoke to get killed, and he would just have some back-up clones ready to take over if one of them suddenly died.

As for fanservice, the animation just brings back every Sith in the franchise with no explanation at all—kind of like how they brought back Palpatine without explaining anything either. Just goes to show, fanservice could be fun, but it doesn’t make up for a cohesive story.


If any show is a master at poking fun at Palpatine though, it’s definitely Robot Chicken:

Admittedly Robot Chicken hasn’t been able to poke fun at Star Wars since Disney took over, but hopefully after a few years, Seth Green and his team will be able to give us another trilogy of fun skits and jabs at the Sequel Trilogy.

For now, you can catch the entire Skywalker Saga available on Disney+.

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