17 Apr 2020 2:03 PM +00:00 UTC

WATCH: Kylo Ren Decimates Resistance Rebels in Latest Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Short

No matter how you feel about Disney’s Star Wars movies, most people can agree that Kylo Ren is one of the most interesting characters in the entire franchise. Being the nephew of the galaxy’s greatest hero and the grandson of its most infamous dictator has clearly taken a toll on his psyche and Palpatine has taken full advantage of that. Thankfully, he manages to die a hero, even though his Force Ghost doesn’t appear, which is pretty annoying.

Anyway, if you want to see Kylo Ren do some cool stuff, you’ll probably enjoy the most recent Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short that has the former Ben Solo destroying some Resistance Rebels. While the short isn’t bloody, it manages to be pretty violent despite not that. We see Ren use his lightsabers on the rebels, which is pretty surprising since that weapon can decapitate anyone in this universe.


The animation is pretty beautiful and it’s cool seeing Ren pose with the Knights of Ren, even though they don’t do anything but pose. Honestly, it’s what fans should expect from these guys since The Rise of Skywalker made them bigger jokes than Captain Phasma. At least Phasma got to appear in two movies and had a one-on-one fight against Finn. Ben Solo just ended up killing the Knights without much trouble once he got his lightsaber.

You can check out the latest episode of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures now on their YouTube channel.

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