25 Mar 2020 12:24 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch Belle Fall for Palpatine in Trailer for 'Beauty and the Emperor'


With everyone being stuck at home in quarantine, more people are getting on the internet and trying to make something of their time. Reddit user Janobot has released this silly edit where he’s taken the Beauty and the Beast trailer and replaced the Beast with Emperor Palpatine.

Check it out:


[OC] Beauty and The Senate Official Trailer


It’s a very well done edit, and it even adds lightsabers for characters like Belle and Gaston. Probably the cherry on top is with Palpatine’s line in the end where he says, “He could save others from death, but not himself.”

At some point, some people say that this story would make sense, and it would even explain why Palpatine has a child in The Rise of Skywalker. Then again, the explanation in the novel doesn’t even make Rey’s father Palpatine’s son. He’s actually a failed clone that came out normal, but didn’t possess any powers of the Force. So if anything, Rey is Palpatine’s daughter—or at least a daughter of his clone.

This video is Prequel Memes gold, and though Obi-Wan may be the king of the subreddit, Papa Palpatine is still the emperor. While reposts are said to be killing the subreddit, it’s content like this that manages to keep this little branch of the fandom going.

For now, you can catch Palpatine once again in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which is now available on digital and arrives for Blu-Ray/DVD on March 31.

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