Was the Mandalorian Premiere Reveal Done to Distract from John Boyega's Disney Criticism?

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A lot of people have been hopelessly waiting for any updates on The Mandalorian Season 2, and Disney had finally given us a boon when they revealed the release date. What's worth mentioning though, is that they decided to drop this big news at the same time that John Boyega has decided to open up about his terrible experience working on Star Wars; so one begs the question, "Was this planned?"

As some have pointed out, it's awfully convenient that Disney would drop this large news now, seeing that Boyega has recently put the company's name in a bad light.

@Andy_peachey on Twitter (who is admin for Clone & Rebel Transmission) also had this to say about the matter:


Seeing that Disney is the media giant that it is, it's possible that they could have very well known what was going down with Boyega's interview, but even the reveal of the Mando premiere date isn't enough to distract people from what Boyega is trying to say about the franchise.

While Boyega may have left Star Wars with a bad taste in his mouth, I think there's still a lot of time to make amends with the character, what with Lucasfilm deciding to take a hiatus from the box office. If anything, people still want to see more of these Sequel characters, and there's a lot of time to delve into more of Rey Skywalker, Finn, Rose, and Poe. Who knows, maybe they can even bring Ben Solo back to life with the "World Between Worlds." Who knows?

For now, the next big Star Wars title is The Mandalorian Season 2 which hits Disney+ on Oct. 30.

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