Warner Bros. Discovery Boss Offers Promising Update on Superman's Future

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Credit: WB

It's no secret to a lot of fans that the DC Extended Universe has been struggling in terms of consistency since its inception. The main culprit, according to the franchise's avid followers is Warner Bros. itself and while that may be true, to the studio's credit, it still produced some pretty decent DCEU flicks over the last couple of years.

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Credit: WB

Of course, it's hard to ignore the fact the franchise still suffers from underlying issues which is why a major shake-up is about to commence. According to the latest news, the upcoming Warner Bros. and Discovery merger will deliver fans a brand new DC universe and it looks like they're going to hit the reset button on the "doomed" franchise really soon.

As it stands, we've yet to get some updates on the DCEU's future and whether or not the said overhaul will actually fix the problems. But according to the folks over at Variety, the Warner Bros. Discovery merger might just be the fresh start the entire DC universe needs.

In their report, the entertainment news outlet claims that David Zaslav, the CEO of the combined companies is adamant about making some serious changes to the brand. One of which is the revitalization of Superman who has long been a victim of WB and DC Films' rather questionable creative direction. Zaslav believes that the Man of Steel is one of DC's "top shelf characters... left to languish."

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We still don't know what Zaslav's actual move would be but judging by his statement, it looks like he's more in touch with the fandom than some WB and DC Films executives. Now, it's a little too early to get excited but this definitely gives us hope that the fan-favorite Henry Cavill will eventually make his way back to the DCEU.

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