TWICE: Momo Goes Viral For Another 'Insane' Workout Session

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Having strict diet programs and workout routines is common among K-pop idols. It is not different for TWICE, whose members debuted in 2015.

Fans compliment the overall efforts of the nine K-pop stars. Among all, though, Momo seemingly obtains most of the attention because of her shocking fitness routines.

She once revealed how she does her famous “twist plank” workout. It even became a trending topic, with viewers applauding her strength and stamina.

Koreaboo recently reported that Momo has, once again, gone viral on media platforms. This comes after she shared new workout videos, showing her doing some “insane” routines.


New Workout Videos On Bubble

On Bubble, the TWICE member posted some of her most recent exercise sessions for her fans. She reportedly shocked her audience upon seeing her doing some lifting at the gym.

The publication shared a clip of the session, which sees Momo wearing a black ensemble. She also has a black face mask with her as she does her workout.

Apart from the lifting of weights, the group’s main dancer also did some pull-ups in one of the videos.

These posts reportedly prompted netizens to upload photos and clips of Momo, featuring her “gorgeous figure,” on social media platforms.

Momo Once Followed An Extreme Diet

The TWICE member previously made the headlines, as well, after revealing the “extreme” diet she did before her debut. As noted, she had to lose seven kilos (15.4 pounds) in a few days to be able to perform on stage and make her official debut.


Momo decided to consume an ice cube per day in seven days, according to Channel-Korea. Apart from not eating any proper meals, she reportedly spent most of her time in the gym.

Despite the drastic measures she took, she failed to meet the deadline. But, the company gave her three more days, during which she succeeded.

These days, though, the TWICE member now follows a healthy diet. She no longer does extreme methods and maintains her health and figure by doing regular exercise.