Tribe Nine Episode 4 Release Date

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There is a possibility that Shun died in the previous episode. Without him, the team shifted to underdogs. Some viewers accepted Shun’s fate as they believe that if Shun remained in the group, the protagonists will be immediately considered as the strongest XB team which would make the story simple. The group has to improve their skills to become stronger even if Shun is not around.

Some have a theory that his death was fake. They are positive that he will be back sooner or later. For now, it is hard to determine what really happened to Shun. Is he really dead? Was it a fakeout? What will happen to the group without him? Fans will have to find out in Tribe Nine episode four.

Tribe Nine Episode 4 Details

Tribe Nine Episode 4 Release Date
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Credit: Funimation
Tribe Nine Episode 4 Release Date

Episode four will be released on January 31, 2022 on Tokyo MX and other related channels. There are two main platforms that acquired license to release the series. For those residing in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania, Medialink has brands and collaborations with streaming platforms to release Tribe Nine.

Fans from outside of Asia can watch the latest episodes on Funimation. The streaming giant co-produced the series and streams it for its members. It also has a free trial period to accommodate non-members. This means that for a limited time period, viewers can watch Tribe Nine for free. Those who are interested to become members will just have to register and pay $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

Members will get exclusive perks such as offline viewing, ad-free shows, and access to the site’s library. They can also do simulcasts one hour after Japan to view the latest episodes without worrying about spoilers. For now, Tribe Nine does not have a dubbed version. Fans will have to settle for English subtitles.

For those who have not watched Tribe Nine’s previous episodes, it is a sports anime that focuses on Extreme Baseball or XB. The series has its own charm as the game introduced uses electric shocks and arm cannons. There are also different characters introduced with interesting personalities.

Tribe Nine Episode 4 Countdown

Tribe Nine Episode 4 Countdown


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