Toy Story's Tom Hanks has Tested Positive for the Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus continues to spread, and if the cancellation of No Time to Die and E3 2020 haven't gotten to you yet, then maybe you'll care about the virus' latest victim—Tom Hanks.

Hanks has confirmed via his Instagram that he and his wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for the Coronavirus in Australia. Here's the post:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hanks was in Australia shooting an Elvis Presley Biopic, with his wife there performing concerts for her new album, Halfway to Home. For now, the two are being isolated at the Queensland hospital, and are expected to undergo the proper protocol when someone contracts the virus.

If anything, Hanks is being responsible for acting very calm about it all. Even their son Chet has come out online to update that his parents are doing fine and that they don't even feel that sick. With the entire world starting to panic and hoarding face masks and sanitizers, I think it's important to keep calm and wash your hands.


Needless to say, the internet is in a state of panic after hearing that one of Hollywood's most beloved celebrities has contracted COVID-19. At some point, some think that Hanks' catching the virus will be the straw that breaks the camel's back, and will finally have everyone taking the outbreak seriously from now on.


Either way, the Coronavirus Outbreak is no laughing matter, and everyone is just hoping that this all blows over soon. As for Hanks, if he can survive living by himself on an island for 3 years, then he can survive this virus… hopefully.

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