Thor Film Writer Says This DC Character Could Lift Mjolnir

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor's mighty hammer is easily one of the most formidable weapons not only in the Marvel Universe but in the world of comic books in general. For years now, there's been a huge debate within the geek community as to which heroes are "worthy" of lifting the Mjolnir. Of course, the Marvel Cinematic Universe answered that question on more than one occasion, with Avengers members like Vision and Captain America all proving their power to wield the hammer.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Some fans have also pondered on the capability of characters from other franchises like the DC Universe to lift the Mjolnir. Heroes like Superman are definitely welcome in the conversation but according to Zack Stentz who worked on the first Thor movie's script, a surprising DC character has what it takes to prove his worth and potentially rule Asgard.

In a Twitter post, Stentz, who also served as a writer for The CW series The Flash claimed that Joe West, Barry Allen's adoptive father played by Jesse L. Martin in the hit DCTV series is capable of lifting the Mjolnir. It all began when one fan pointed out that West can definitely lift Odinson's trusty weapon.

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Stentz was obviously just fooling around and as great of a character and father figure Joe West is, he just isn't up for the challenge, unless of course, he got himself injected with the super-soldier serum-like Captain Steve Rogers. Meanwhile, speaking of the Mjolnir, the magical weapon will make its MCU comeback in Thor: Love and Thunder and will be wielded by Natalie Portman's Jane Foster.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit cinemas on July 8, 2022.