The Young and the Restless Spoilers, News & Update: An Unusual Pairing Between Diane and Allie May Lead To More Trouble

Credit: WUSA9/YouTube

Credit: WUSA9/YouTube

Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) from The Young and the Restless is causing havoc in Genoa City. While Diane claims she's transformed her life, many suspect she's plotting to eliminate her foes. She might even have an ally in her plot.

Diane Jenkins, Allie Nguyen up to no good in The Young and the Restless?

Diane's return to The Young and the Restless throws everyone's life into disarray. Her main motivation for returning is to see her son Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). While reconnecting with Kyle is her top priority, viewers are aware that Diane is also aiming to stir up trouble for others.

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is the top target on her list. Diane would give anything to exact vengeance on the man who crushed her heart. Diane, though, may not be alone in her plot.

According to speculation, she has a co-conspirator, who is Jack's granddaughter Allie Nguyen (Kelsey Wang). On the May 9th show, theories regarding Diane and Allie working together gathered traction.

Allie arrived to meet her new family after Diane's argument with the Abbotts. Allie's arrival was odd, prompting Reddit users to speculate that she can't be trusted.

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Is Allie Nguyen really who she says she is?

The Young and the Restless are suspicious about Allie's identity because nothing is known about her past. Jack's late son Keemo Abbott has a daughter named Allie (Philip Moon). Jack travels to Keemo's residence after learning of his death and runs into Allie. When Jack found out he had a granddaughter, he surprised her by offering her a second house in Genoa City.

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While the Abbotts are kind toward Allie, they could be duped. Keemo's obituary made no mention of a daughter or family. Diane was also the unknown texter who wanted Jack to know about his granddaughter. Allie was angry at being used as a pawn in Diane's game, but she's changed her mind about Miss Jenkins.

Allie could be a con artist who was hired to take part in the operation.

Another possibility for Diane and Allie's relationship is that they are mother and daughter. Diane disappeared for a while, and it's unknown what happened to her during that time. Diane could have met Keemo and become romantically involved, resulting in the birth of Allie.

It's unclear whether Diane and Allie are working together, but they're making an impression on The Young and the Restless.

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