The Witcher Defeats Stranger Things as Most Popular Show on Netflix in Most Countries

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There is little doubt that Stranger Things is one of the most popular original shows on Netflix. However, the series is getting some serious competition from a major new contender. It has just been revealed that The Witcher is even more popular than the Duffer Brothers show in certain countries.

A fan recently went out of their way to figure out just how popular The Witcher is in other countries. They then shared the results on Reddit, confirming that the fantasy series was viewed more often in 21 out of 28 countries. In some countries like the UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, Taiwan, and Australia, the Henry Cavill series was the most popular show being streamed on Netflix.


It's an amazing feat considering that The Witcher was only released on December 20. This means that it was able to draw in so many viewers in just the later half of the month before the year ended. However, there are still certain countries where Stranger Things continues to rule.

Interestingly, Stranger Things beat out The Witcher in the US, Canada, Italy, Argentina, and India. Amazingly, the third season of the beloved series continues to be the most popular show in the US.

It's still unclear if The Witcher will eventually beat out Stranger Things in 2020. After all, the series isn't expected to return on Netflix until 2021. Nevertheless, we won't be surprised if the show's popularity continues to grow throughout the first few months of the year.

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