The Tinder Swindler: Support Pours in for Simon Leviev's Victims via GoFundMe

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Credit: Netflix/YouTube

The Tinder Swindler has gained a lot of traction since its Netflix premiere. For weeks, the documentary has been trending on the popular streaming app and generating social media buzz.

The documentary chronicles the story of Shimon Heyada Hayut, now known as Simon Leviev, and how he reportedly conned three people into handing over enormous sums of money.

After meeting on Tinder, Cecilie Fjellhoy, Ayleen Charlotte, and Pernilla Sjöholm all developed personal relationships with Leviev. Both Charlotte and Fjellhoy had romantic relationships with Leviev that they thought were exclusive. Sjöholm, on the other hand, had a platonic relationship with Leviev but regarded him as a close friend.

How did The Tinder Swindler Allegedly Defraud His Victims?

Leviev posed as "The Prince of Diamonds," claiming to be the CEO of LLD Diamonds. Throughout The Tinder Swindler, viewers see how Leviev persuaded his purported victims that he was a billionaire. He wined and dined Charlotte, Sjöholm, and Fjellhoy, forming close ties with each of them. After establishing his contacts, he claimed that his "enemies" were after him, fabricating complex stories to back up his accusations.

Because all three of Leviev's victims had seen proof of his purported wealth, they were willing to lend him money when he requested. To fulfill Leviev's tremendous financial demands, all three ladies took out loans. Fjellhoy claims to have lent The Tinder Swindler $250,000, which she claims she has never received. The victims are now attempting to recover part of the funds through a GoFundMe page.

How Much Money Has Been Raised by Simon Leviev’s Victims?

Sjöholm, Fjellhoy, and Charlotte started a GoFundMe campaign on Feb. 5, three days after The Tinder Swindler premiered on Netflix. The three women launched a fundraising drive to help them recover some of the money Leviev allegedly stole from them. Their target is £600,000, which works out to $813,240.00 at today's exchange rate.

Leviev's three victims had raised £165,252, which is around $222,396 at the time of this article.

Should Fjellhoy, Charlotte, and Sjöholm achieve their mission, only time will tell. However, it appears that many fans of The Tinder Swindler are willing to assist them in their efforts to get their lives back on track.


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