The Suicide Squad is Staying on Schedule According to James Gunn

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James Gunn's The Suicide Squad is one of the most exciting DCEU movies coming out, especially after his work on the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Fans are hoping he freshens up the franchise while also not making the movie feel too much like his big MCU efforts, which isn't an easy task. However, with COVID-19 being a butt and ruining, well, pretty much everything, many fans are rightfully wondering if the big DCEU movie is going to get a delay.

Thankfully, Gunn has confirmed to fans that his soft-reboot will not be delayed, at least for now, and that the movie is still on schedule. Considering how the movie was always scheduled for a 2021 release, it was almost a guarantee that the film would keep its schedule. Plus, it's not like the DCEU has a concrete road map for their future movies like the MCU.

Aside from a big cast and returning characters like Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, Captain Boomerang, and Rick Flagg, not much is known about the upcoming movie. We aren't sure who the big bad is since everyone in this movie is bad, though we are expecting a lot of death. If you read the ‘80s comic run of Suicide Squad by John Ostrander or the early New 52 series no one liked, you'll know that death is expected any time the name "Suicide Squad" is used in comics.

Currently, The Suicide Squad is scheduled for an August 6, 2021 release. That's a bit later into next year so this movie seems to be pretty safe, at least for now.

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