The New Mutants Director Insists X-Men Spin-Off Should be Seen in Theaters

There is little doubt that the delay of The New Mutants has been very frustrating for fans who have been waiting for the movie for several years. Not surprisingly, some people even declared that the X-Men spin-off should just be made available on digital instead of pushing for a theatrical release amidst the COVID-19 scare. However, director Josh Boone says VOD is not an option for his movie since he claims it should be experienced on the big screen.

Boone recently spoke to Heroic Hollywood where he confirmed that he is still pushing for the film's theatrical release. Interestingly, the filmmaker stated that his entire vision for the movie would be best seen in cinemas.

"I mean the last act of the movie was designed to be seen on big screens, like IMAX screens, like it has a massive bear in it and crazy sound design," Boone said. He then added that the huge action sequences aren't the only reasons why The New Mutants deserves a theatrical release.

"I even found watching the sort of more intimate moments earlier in the movie be sort of … I don't know man, sort of almost more magical on a movie theater. And I do think people should be going to the movies," Boone concluded.

We fully understand what Boone is trying to say. Although we have only seen a glimpse at Demon Bear, there is little doubt that this is a scene that should be seen in theaters. Let's just hope that the film gets a successful premiere later this month.

The New Mutants will finally get its long-awaited premiere on August 28.

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