The Last Jedi Director Explains Why He Cut Rey's Caretaker Village Scene

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

It's no secret that numerous scenes from films don't make it into the final cut for various reasons. Of course, Star Wars: The Last Jedi isn't an exception to that as well. A deleted scene from the movie sees Daisy Ridley's Rey with the Caretakers of Ach-To, and director Rian Johnson explains why he made the decision to cut it from the film.

The scene in question is where Rey thought that the caretakers were being attacked and insisted that she and Luke should help them, which the Jedi Master refused to do. Rey got quite furious and decided to save them herself, only to find out that the caretakers were just having a party. This led to a fight between Rey and Luke since the former realized she was only being tested.

"Mostly pace, and something about it always felt a little repetitive," Johnson wrote, when asked by a fan on Twitter on why he cut it. "Coming at a point in the movie where we want to hit the gas and start escalating towards the finale." The director pointed out that he "loved" the scene and that it was a "tough" yet "ultimately good" cut. You can check out his tweet below!

The scene shows a key part of Rey and Luke's character in this film, but it also features one of The Last Jedi's criticisms, which is Luke's change of heart. The movie revealed that he has given up in fighting for the Resistance while Rey pushes him to do so. Johnson's reason for cutting it makes sense because it would be quite repetitive if Rey just urges Luke every time he refuses or every time they get into a fight.

What are your thoughts on Johnson's reason for the cut scene? Tell us in the comments below!

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