Swamp Thing Season 2 Video Reveals Kevin Durand's Full Transformation into Floronic Man

There is little doubt that people are still disappointed that Swamp Thing has been cancelled. However, it looks like there were huge plans for a second season. For instance, a new video shows Kevin Durand's full transformation into Floronic Man.

In the post-credits scene of the first season finale, fans got to see a quick glimpse at Jason Woodrue (Durand) having turned into a monster similar to Swamp Thing. The scene ends on a cliffhanger as Woodrue attacks Matt Cable, seemingly killing him. Not surprisingly, there was a reason why Woodrue's transformation was briefly shown in the episode. After all, the character was expected to play a larger, more villainous role in Season 2.

Interestingly, we now have a better look at Durand's Floronic Man, thanks to a video shared by makeup artist Kevin Kirkpatrick. Check it out below.

It's unfortunate that we will no longer get to see more of Floronic Man in the future. Still, it's amazing to see what could have been if Swamp Thing was renewed for a second season.

Swamp Thing proved to be one of the most problematic shows on DC Universe although its problem had nothing to do with the storyline. The series was initially supposed to last 13 episodes but this was reduced to 10 episodes due to creative differences. In addition to that, the expected level of tax rebates offered by the state of North Carolina (where the show was shot) were substantially reduced, leading to budget problems. Unfortunately, all this led to the show's cancellation.

What do you think of Floronic Man's full transformation? Sound off in the comments below.

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