Suzy Shocked Fans, Followers With Baby Bump Photos

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The public last saw Suzy on Start-Up in 2020. To date, fans and followers still await her comeback on both small and big screens.

Amid waiting, Koreaboo recently unearthed a shocking moment involving the South Korean celebrity. It was the time when she posted a series of photos on Instagram to celebrate the success of Ashfall.


Baby Bump Photos That Shocked Her Fans

Back in January 2020, Suzy uploaded two photos on the social media app. One of the images features her, rubbing her “baby bump.

It caused surprise and shock among her fans and followers as they thought she was pregnant. But, as it happened, it was part of her costume for the film Ashfall.

Reports explained that the photos were taken on the set of the movie. She played the role of Choi Ji Young, who happened to be Jo In Chang’s pregnant wife.

The caption of the post also gave away that her post on the platform was a celebratory and congratulatory update for the movie. She said that Ashfall surpassed 8 million moviegoers, so she shared some snaps from the set.

The Success of Ashfall

Ashfall is one of Suzy’s latest projects. It premiered on December 19, 2019, and drew millions of viewers in just a few weeks.

At that time, reports said that the material was “moving through the milestones faster than” Ode To My Father.


Ashfall is a disaster film about a group of individuals struggling as they try to prevent the eruption of a volcano. The plot sees that the phenomenon would threaten the survival of both North and South Korea.

Suzy and Her Upcoming Projects

Suzy starred in the series, Vagabond prior to the release of Ashfall. In 2020, two more projects of hers, Live Your Strength and Start-Up, premiered on Kakao TV and Netflix, respectively.

While no materials of hers dropped in 2021, she has seemingly remained occupied as her upcoming projects are set to arrive in 2022.

Suzy will play a lead role in the upcoming Netflix film, Wonderland. There is no actual release date yet, but reports claim that it will premiere sometime next year. The same also applies to the upcoming series, Anna.