15 Sep 2021 10:43 AM +00:00 UTC

Superman & Lois Star Elizabeth Tulloch Reveals Season 2 Premiere Title

Ever since the first season finale of Superman & Lois aired, fans have been wondering about what's to come on the next season. Now, one of its stars took to social media to hype out the excitement and shared with us a little information that may or may not give us a clue on what we should expect when the shows returns for its sophomore run.

Elizabeth Tulloch, who plays Lois Lane on the series, recently tweeted a photo of the cover page of the script for the second season premiere episode alongside the caption "Day one, Season Two!" Based on the photo, the episode is titled "What Lies Beneath." It also showed that Brent Fletcher and series co-creator Todd Helbing wrote the episode. Gregory Smith, who directed two episodes during the first season, is set to helm the premiere.

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This is also an indication that production for the second season has started and the wait should not take much longer. The CW hasn't announced a premiere date yet, but it is expected to air in early 2022.


During the first season finale, after Superman and John Henry Irons depowered Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho and save the day, Irons decided to leave Smallville to visit the Earth-Prime version of his sister. But just as it is about to happen, his daughter Nicole suddenly landed on the Kent farm through a vessel from the parallel Earth. They reunited and Nicole recognized Lois as her mother (since she is her actual mother in her own Earth).

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"What Lies Beneath" is an interesting title as it hints that another threat is coming to Earth and they might be coming from underneath the planet (if we at least take the title literally). There's no news yet about the plot for the second season, but we can safely assume that they will introduce another foil and we might see them as soon as the second season starts.