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Stranger Things Season 4 is Going to Be "Really Messed Up", According to Star

Stranger Things Season 4 won't be released on Netflix until 2022, but it looks like new episodes of the popular sci-fi horror series will be worth the wait, and according to star Finn Wolfhard, it's going to be "really messed up".

Stranger Things Season 4
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The 18-year-old actor recently talked to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss Ghostbusters Afterlife and Stranger Things. When asked about the Duffer Brothers directing the series, Wolfhard responded with a lot of gratitude to the duo for remaining committed to the show. After all, Netflix has been airing the series for years, and some parties would disengage at this point, but it looks like the directors are still committed in bringing the best quality show for the fans (Many fans would consider the final season of Game of Thrones the perfect example of this).

"What I can say is that we just did literally 300 days, we just finished shooting and it was Day 300," Wolfhard said, "Yeah. Like, I'm so glad they still care, 'cause, you know, if a show runs for that long, the creators stop caring. They cash in. And they really still care. The show is going to be really messed up this season."

Wolfhard didn't elaborate how "messed up" the fourth season of Stranger Things will be, but as David Harbour revealed at New York Comic-Con last week, and as shown in the latest teaser clip that premiered at Netflix's TUDUM global fan event, there's a new Creel House featured in the latest season.

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Last week, Harbour talked about the series at NYCC, and likened it to LOST.

"There are these storylines... one of which is me in Russia, which you've seen with From Russia With Love," Harbour said. "Hopper-trying-to-get-home-to-his-family element to it, which is really incredible. I think I have the best storyline ... And then you'll see a lot more layers about Eleven and Brenner and the institution and what she went through and is going through that relates to this narrative coming back. And then there's this new Creel House thing, which is this new element of a situation in Hawkins, which of course all relates."

"What we're trying to do, as we elaborate this thing, [is] to draw it back and make sure that we don't have an end game like, some of us thought about, that show LOST. 'What happened to the polar bear?!' ... We're trying to draw in, so the [elements of the story line] starts to come to a head and becomes a complete piece." He continued, "Season 4 lays a lot of pipe for that."

Stranger Things Season 4 is set to release on Netflix in 2022. For the latest details about the new episodes, check out all the details here.

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