Star Wars' Thrawn Steals Classic Captain Kirk Move in Star Trek

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We already know that Grand Admiral Thrawn is a force to reckon with in the Star Wars Universe. After all, the grand admiral of the Imperial Navy is known for being a gifted strategist who can easily defeat any foe. But is it possible that Thrawn isn't as original as most of us think? Star Wars has just revealed that the villain actually stole a classic move by Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek Universe.

The new Star Wars book Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising by author Timothy Zahn is the first in a trilogy which explores the character's rise through the Chiss Ascendancy ranks and could reveal the reason behind his expulsion from Chiss space. In the first volume, we are taken into the Chiss Taharim Academy where cadets are trained to join the Expansionary Defense Fleet. Interestingly, the academy has a particular training program that is almost impossible to defeat. That is unless you are Thrawn.

In Chaos Rising, Thrawn manages to complete the training program with a record score that baffles his superiors and makes them suspect that he cheated his way out. This is fairly reminiscent to what Kirk did in Star Trek lore when he defeated the Kobayashi Maru, making him the only person to ever complete the program.

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Credit: Del Rey

But there's a huge difference here since Kirk admitted that he hacked the program. In dire contrast, Thrawn completed the program by using his own strategic brilliance. Either way, both men have accomplished something no one has ever done before.

Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising was released on September 1.

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