06 Aug 2020 4:27 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Named Most In Demand New Streaming Service Series

Not only has Star Wars: The Mandalorian managed to bring a broken Star Wars fanbase back together, but Jon Favreau's highly successful live-action Star Wars series has also become the most in-demand new series across a wave of streaming services.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a brand new study by Parrot Analytics show just how well Star Wars: The Mandalorian has been doing across the board among streaming services. Out of all the new streaming services that have signed up in the last few years, Disney+ and Favreau's hit Star Wars series has become the most in-demand show out of a hundred new series of shows for Subscribers to choose from.

The study showed that audience demand for The Mandalorian has been 55 times higher than the average series available during the week of the House of Mouse's streaming site's debut.

Alexandra Rojas, the director of applied analytics at Parrot Analytics even went as far as to praise the Disney+ series, saying that "The Mandalorian is in a class of its own."


"It goes beyond viewership and the traditional way of looking at the industry. It's all about capturing people's interest and connecting emotionally with the people so they see that show as part of their life," Rojas said, explaining the report.

It's no surprise to hear that The Mandalorian's been doing very well among audiences. Not only has the series attracted Star Wars fans to subscribe to Disney+, but it's also received the attention of casual fans as well.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian season 2 is expected to premiere sometime this October.

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