Star Wars: Samuel L. Jackson Asks George Lucas for Purple Lightsaber in Awesome Video

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We already know that the main reason why Mace Windu has a purple lightsaber is that Samuel L. Jackson asked George Lucas for a purple lightsaber. But have you ever wondered how it all went down? Amazingly, we now have a video that shows the exact moment that Jackson got what he wanted.

The video was shared on Reddit and it features Jackson and Lucas on the set of what appears to be The Phantom Menace. Check it out below.

The exact moment Samuel L. Jackson asked George Lucas for a purple lightsaber is on camera and I’ve never seen it?? I’m overwhelmed

In the video, Jackson wonders who he could speak to about the color of lightsabers. Luckily, Lucas is right there and the Star Wars creator immediately explains how the weapons work. "Good guys are green and blue, bad guys are red. That's just the way it works," he says.

Jackson nods but also tosses a suggestion by casually asking, "No purple lightsabers?" Lucas appears to consider it then tells Jackson he might get purple. Needless to say, the smile on Jackson's face confirms that that's exactly what he wants and that's exactly what he got.

Jackson was first introduced as Mace Windu in The Phantom Menace but he didn't use a lightsaber in the film. The purple lightsaber was finally introduced in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones when Mace joins the epic battle on Geonosis. The reveal of the rare weapon immediately had fans talking since it was the first time we've seen a lightsaber of that color.

Jackson is still pushing for Mace's return in the Star Wars films although the character was killed off in Revenge of the Sith. However, considering that he has a way of getting what he wants, we won't be surprised if Mace will be brought back in the future.

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