Star Wars Reveals Gollum as a Sith Lord

It may sound odd, but it looks like The Lord of the Rings' Gollum is actually an official Star Wars Sith Lord. Well, according to one particular story from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Writer George Mann and illustrator Grant Griffin, the two-man team behind the Star Wars book Myths and Fables, have a brand new Star Wars book out this year called Dark Legends. The book talks about in-universe myths, stories that Lucasfilm says are legends that all have an element of truth to it.

In one of the book's stories (via Screen Rant), readers get to meet a familiar Lord of the Rings character – Gollum.

Set in the days when the galaxy far, far away was younger, "A Life Immortal" features the exploits of Ancient Sith Lord Darth Noctyss. Travelling to the planet of Exegol to find the secret of immortality, Darth Noctyss finds that the planet only has one inhabitant; a creature pop culture fans would recognize from JRR Tolkien's fantasy realm.

You can read Gollum's entry here:

"The wretched thing exposed by the crimson light of her blade presented no threat, for it was a broken, stooped creature - the remnants of what had perhaps once been a man but was now little more than a feral beast. Its spine was twisted at an unusual angle, causing it to hunch forward so that its left shoulder dipped almost to its knees. Its flesh was pale and translucent, shriveled and wrinkled so that its immense age was evident, but unreadable. Its stringy hair fell in strands down the side of its face, limp and thick with grime. It wore only rags that might once have been fashioned as clothes. It staggered toward her, clawed fingers outstretched, and Noctyss raised her lightsaber, ready to strike the thing down, to put it out of its misery."

Star Wars has its own Gollum. In the story Darth Noctyss takes the creature as a pet, only to learn that her new companion is actually her predecessor, Darth Sanguis, who had also arrived on Exegol to conquer Death.

Learning from Sanguis' notes, Noctyss learns that the dark ritual for immortality requires life itself, and of course, Gollum is the only life for her to take. She kills her pet, only to find the Force corrupting her body, turning her into a Gollum herself.

What goes around comes around.

The Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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