19 Dec 2019 4:13 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Expresses His Gratitude For Stan Lee

Tomorrow's a pretty big day for pop culture fans everywhere. Not only is Lucasfilm dropping Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in cinemas tomorrow, but ABC is also premiering it's brand new special, Celebrating Marvel's Stan Lee. The Marvel comic book legend and cameo king passed away on November 12 last year because of heart failure, and this brand new special by ABC celebrates Lee's history and legacy.

Marvel Entertainment just recently released a video showcasing the special attendees and other big names that took part in Celebrating Marvel's Stan Lee, and in it, fans get to see celebrities like Daredevil actor Charlie Cox, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and Star Wars legend Mark Hamill.

Hamill didn't have much to say about Stan the Man in the video, but the Star Wars actor couldn't help but express his gratitude towards Lee, saying that the comic book writer was a major part of his childhood.

"I was so grateful for him being such a big part of my childhood," Hamill states. "And I never outgrew it!"


The Star Wars actor might be an icon in the pop culture industry, but Hamill himself is also a pretty big geek, enjoying fandoms like Star Wars, Marvel, and DC.

The brand new Stan Lee special was partially filmed in front of a live audience at the New Amsterdam Theater in New York back in the fall, and in it, fans are going to see various actors and comic book professionals paying their respects to the fallen Marvel comic book legend. We can't wait to see the special for ourselves.

Celebrating Marvel's Stan Lee airs on ABC this Friday, December 20, at 8/ 7 central.

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