25 Mar 2020 11:31 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: Lucasfilm Creature Designer Addresses Rumored Boba Fett Projects

Boba Fett made his debut 40 years ago in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and since then, he has become a fan-favorite character. Fans have been clamoring to see some projects focused on the popular bounty hunter, but Lucasfilm is yet to officially announce one for the near future. That said, the studio's creature and makeup supervisor Neal Scanlan provides a glimmer of hope for those who are anticipating more Boba Fett content.

"In a sense no, but in a sense yes," Scanlan told Movieweb when asked if he was involved in a Boba Fett project. "In a sense, dare I say, within the Star Wars family, or the Star Wars world, which is quite enormous, between Lucas[film] and Disney, etc., we are all aware of conversations that are being had and potential things."


He says there's "so much" content in the works at Lucasfilm as well as "parallel developments" that are happening "at all times." "It's oftentimes very difficult to predict which particular project will gain momentum and move forward," Scanlan said. "So, not yet. Not yet. There's nothing positive I can give to you yet."

Scanlan can't give an update yet in terms of a Boba Fett movie or project in general, but he didn't deny if the studio is developing one either. Since there's projects constantly in development at Lucasfilm, his comment hints that there is a possibility of a Boba Fett project coming in the future.

Star Wars movies are currently on a hiatus and Disney is focusing on the future of the franchise in television. The Star Wars universe is vast and it is possible that there's room for more Boba Fett content for the future.

In the meantime, fans could look out for Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2, which is expected to be released this October on Disney+.

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