Star Wars Legend James Earl Jones Gets Broadway Theater Named After Him

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There's no doubt that James Earl Jones is one of the most iconic actors of all time whether it's on stage or his on-screen roles in films such as Coming to America and The Hunt for Red October. But most fans know the legendary actor for his voice role of Mufasa in The Lion King (both versions) and for voicing the iconic villain Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise from the very first film in 1977 up until 2019's The Rise of Skywalker. After several decades, Jones is getting what may be the highest recognition ever for any artist on Broadway.

According to Broadway World, The Shubert Organization will rename the Cort Theatre in Broadway to the James Earl Jones Theatre in recognition of the actor's lifetime of immense contributions to Broadway and the entire artistic community. Jones made his Broadway debut back in 1957 and has won three Tony Awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award. He has only won an Honorary Oscar, three Emmy Awards, and Grammy Award during his decades-spanning career.

"For me standing in this very building sixty-four years ago at the start of my Broadway career, it would have been inconceivable that my name would be on the building today," Jones said in a statement. "Let my journey from then to now be an inspiration for all aspiring actors."

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It is great to see Jones getting such high recognition like this. He has been such a consistently great actor for decades on both stage and on-screen. He is also a legend in his own right that has played various roles that resonates with different types of audience. Of course, we know him as the voice of Darth Vader and we associate the character with his iconic voice. He is the person who brought one of the most iconic moments ever in cinema when Vader revealed to Luke that he is his son in The Empire Strikes Back.

With so many accolades that Jones has received in his career, we can all agree that naming a Broadway theater named after him might be the highest recognition he'll ever receive as it immortalizes his career and legacy. He definitely deserves to have a theater named after him and it is something that is worth celebrating for us fans who have loved him for decades.

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The soon-to-be James Earl Jones Theater is currently under renovation and it is set to reopen in summer this year.

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