Star Wars Fans Have Forgotten One of the Biggest Mysteries Behind Baby Yoda

Star Wars fans might have quite a number of questions surrounding Baby Yoda, however, it seems like one of the most important questions about The Child has been left on the wayside – who took care of Baby Yoda before he ended up with Mando (Pedro Pascal) in Star Wars: The Mandalorian?

While Star Wars fans are focused on questions asking about Baby Yoda's origin and Moff Gideon's true intent for The Child, Screen Rant sheds some light on one of the important questions about Baby Yoda's history. Baby Yoda's been a child for 15 years. Who's been taking care of the Baby before he ended up on planet Arvala-7?

According to the entertainment news outlet, it's possible that Baby Yoda's caretaker was the one who had left him on Arvala-7 to be taken care of armed mercenaries who'd been fighting off bounty hunters for years. Nearly barren and empty, Arvala-7 was a great place to hide Baby Yoda. Whoever took care of Baby Yoda had a good mind for tactical protection.

Perhaps Baby Yoda was kept safe by Jedi sympathizers. Baby Yoda seems to be powerful in the Force. It makes sense that those who believe in the Jedi would want to protect the Child.

However, it's also possible that another faction of the Empire was behind Baby Yoda's stay in Arvala-7. Perhaps there was another group outside of Moff Gideons that wanted Baby Yoda for themselves.

There are a whole lot of possibilities when it comes to Baby Yoda's history. We can only hope that season 2 answers these questions for us.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is streaming on Disney+.

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