Star Wars Episode I: Racer Gets Delayed on PS4 But Not on Nintendo Switch

Star Wars fans everywhere went nuts when it was announced that Star Wars Episode I: Racer would be coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch this coming May. Originally released on the N64, Racer managed to take that one scene from The Phantom Menace and made it one of the best racing games of that console so it should be a really fun revisit. While the Nintendo Switch port is still coming out on May 12, PS4 owners are gonna have to wait a bit longer, unfortunately.

On Twitter, developer Aspyr confirmed that the PS4 port of Star Wars Episode I: Racer will have to be delayed to May 26 while the Switch version keeps an earlier release date. This isn't the worst delay ever or anything like that but it will likely annoy a few fans who were really looking forward to playing the game that week.

No particular reason for the delay was given, though we can assume it might have something to do with performance or something technical. It's clearly not the worst thing ever since it will still come out in the same month but we're sure some fans aren't in love with this move. Still, we'd rather they delay a good game then release a broken one so no hate from us.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you will be able to play Star Wars Episode I: Racer on May 12. The PS4 version will be coming out on May 26.

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