Star Wars: Carrie Fisher's Family Disavows Upcoming Book About Her

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Though she may be gone, fans still remember Carrie Fisher, and tributes were going out for the Princess of Alderaan earlier this week on her birthday Oct. 21. What's interesting is, there's an upcoming biography of Fisher coming out next month, and her remaining family has chosen to disavow the book.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Lourd, Fisher's former partner and father of their daughter Billie Lourd, has issued a statement regarding a book called Carrie Fisher: A Life on the Edge by Sheila Weller.

Lourd's statement goes: "A person named Sheila Weller has taken it upon herself to sell and write an unauthorized biography based on my daughter's mother, Carrie Fisher… I do not know Ms. Weller. Billie does not know Ms. Weller. And, to my knowledge, Carrie did not know her."

As per Lourd, Weller had sold the book without consulting the family about its release. Lourd was clear to say that he hasn't read the book, and "The only books about Carrie Fisher worth reading are the ones Carrie wrote herself. She perfectly told us everything we needed to know."

Though Fisher is best known as Princess Leia by fans, she had also notoriously had a major drug problem as well as some mental instability—which she has been very open about in her work. We don't know what story Weller plans to tell with her upcoming book, but if she didn't consult with Fisher's family, it kind of sounds like she wants to reveal something scandalous.

Or not. I guess we'll just have to wait for the book to come out.

If anything, the title is kind of a reference to a film that Fisher wrote called Postcards from the Edge, which starred Meryl Streep. The movie is considered autobiographical and is loosely based on Fisher's struggle with fame and addiction. I suggest you check it out if you really want to get in Fisher's head.

The Life on the Edge book comes out on Nov. 12. Carrie Fisher is appearing in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which comes out on Dec. 20.

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