Star Wars Black Spire Author Discusses Creative Freedom in the Franchise

Star Wars writer Delilah Dawson has done a lot of work for the galaxy far, far away. Dawson has written several novels for the franchise, including the New York Times bestseller Star Wars: Phasma and the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge tie-in novel, Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire.

While most fans might imagine that Lucasfilm offers its writers creative freedom in crafting their stories, Dawson says that it isn't that easy.

The Star Wars writer just recently went on an interview with Inverse to talk about her Black Spire. Touching all things Star Wars, Dawson was asked about the amount of creative freedom that she's given to work on her books.

"A Star Wars book comes back with like 17 people's thoughts in the comments," the novelist explains after talking about how she had written in a ship that she'd randomly chosen off Wikipedia for one of her projects.

"And it crashed the computer," she continues.

Of course, while there is still some sort of creative freedom in terms of story, Lucasfilm will want to make sure that the books that it publishes still fits the overall canon of the franchise. The studio wouldn't want to create unnecessary plotholes by allowing its writers to get carried away with excessive creative freedom.

In the interview, Dawson also offers a live reading from Star Wars' upcoming book. We get to hear how Vi, Black Spire's lead character, is introduced to Oga Garra, a mobster gang leader of the Black Spire.

The book is definitely going to add some depth to Disney's Star Wars theme park. We can only wonder whether the House of Mouse plans to develop a series or a movie out of the upcoming book.

The Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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