Star Wars’ Anthony Daniels Thinks George Lucas Deserved More Oscar Recognition

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The Star Wars franchise might have become one of the most successful Hollywood franchises of all time, however, George Lucas' galaxy far, far away barely gets any recognition during the awards season. Sure, the Skywalker saga might have been able to gather 10 Oscars for various accomplishments over the course of the franchise, however, most of these awards have been designated to technical categories. Star Wars has yet to receive any sort of major award at the Oscars, and it seems like this has upset C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun, Daniels talks about how the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences has been treating the Star Wars franchise, ranting about how the organization tends to ignore those that aren't really part of their group.

"The Academy can be very snobbish and almost obviously. And George is not a Hollywood person – ‘If you don't like our gang we're not going to have you in our gang,' sort of thing," Daniels told the entertainment news outlet,"Really p**ses me off that I don't think George ever won an Oscar for himself, just departments – ­special effects and all that kind of thing. George deserves more than that."


The Academy has changed its stance over blockbuster films over the years, considering creating a Popular Film category last year. The category might not have pushed through, but the Academy has become more open-minded with movies like Black Panther getting nominated for Best Picture during the 91st Academy Awards last year.

Will Star Wars get recognition now that the Skywalker saga is coming to an end? Let's wait and see.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres December 20, 2019.

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