Star Wars: Ahsoka Tano Movie Gets Impressive Fan Trailer

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There is little doubt that Ahsoka Tano is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars Universe. But why hasn't Disney and Lucasfilm announced a film about the former Jedi yet? A new fan trailer imagines what Ahsoka's movie will be like and it is truly impressive.

The fan trailer was created by YouTuber Tim Gonzales who strongly believes that Ahsoka deserves her own animated or live-action film. Watch the trailer for Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story below.

Gonzales explains why he created the trailer in the first place.


"Like so many other Star Wars fans out there, I've a strong investment in the character of Ahsoka and her story. Her arc that spans across both Clone Wars and Rebels carries so much emotional impact, and it ends in a way that's satisfyingly and genuinely affecting. But her story isn't over! I'm looking forward to the 7th season of Clone Wars, and then... the continuing adventures of Ahsoka & Sabine after?" he wrote.

The YouTuber also had a message for Star Wars fans as well as Disney and Lucasfilm.

"Ahsoka and Star Wars fans, I hope you enjoy this! It was 100% a passion project that I endeavored to help tide me over until we legit see Ahsoka in a live-action movie or TV show—on Disney+ maybe? Disney, please. PLEASE," Gonzales wrote.

First of all, this is a magnificent work that highlights the best things about Ahsoka's story. We're certainly hoping that Disney sees this and realizes that Ahsoka should get her own movie right now.

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