Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Writer Teases Hemmer Actor's Return

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The ninth episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds saw the death of one of its main characters, Hemmer, who sacrificed himself in a noble act during the crew's fight against the Gorns. His demise was mourned by fans who have been loving the character throughout the first season. However, despite his death, it looks like we may not have seen the last of the actor who portrayed him.

According to, in a recent interview with The 7th Rule podcast, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds writer Davy Perez revealed that Bruce Horak, who played Hemmer, will return to the show. Given that Hemmer is gone for good, the actor is likely to come back in a different role.


"The thing we’re allowed to say is that Bruce Horak... his relationship with Trek is not over," Perez said. "We really love him. And Star Trek has a long tradition of reusing actors. There are plenty of people that you fall in love with and you’re like, 'Well, they were an alien, they could be another alien, they could be without the makeup because they were an alien.' So whatever it is in the future, we know his relationship with Star Trek is not over."

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Perez cited Jeffrey Combs as an example of one of the actors who has played multiple characters in the Star Trek franchise. Combs has made appearances in Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Lower Decks, and video games such as Star Trek: Elite Force II and Star Trek Online: Victory Is Life.

While it is sad to hear that Hemmer's days in the USS Enterprise are over, it is exciting to know that Horak will still return to the series for another role. After all, he was playing a character with full alien make-up so there won't be any confusion in terms of the physical appearance when he returns to play another role.

It remains to be seen when and where Horak will make his next appearance in the Star Trek franchise, but at least we know now that we can anticipate his return soon.

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The first season finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is now streaming on Paramount+.