Star Trek: Picard Producers Admit Original Pitch Didn't Please Patrick Stewart

There is little doubt that Star Trek: Picard is currently taking the right direction in continuing with Jean-Luc Picard's story. However, there was a time when the producers had other plans for the new CBS All Access series. Luckily, Patrick Stewart firmly put his foot down and refused to do the show just based on the original pitch.

Akiva Goldsman and Michael Chabon spoke to about the original plans for Picard and amazingly, Stewart immediately turned it down.

"There was a really lengthy pitch that he just said no to," Goldsman revealed. "And then, unwilling to have gotten so close and fall so far, we all went back, put our heads together, Michael wrote a 35-page document/love letter/treatise/please come back which was the promise of a show which both convinced him to take a flier on us and one of which exists in any of the material that you'll have seen."

That's right, Picard almost didn't happen because Stewart was unhappy with the original pitch. Luckily, the next few pitches eventually suited the Logan actor's taste.

"He wanted to see if we meant it when we said, no, we don't need you to stand on the bridge of the Enterprise-Q, F, Z, M, and say ‘make it so.' We know that we too were interested in what might happen to a man of his age, a man of his century, that might reflect what was happening in ours," Goldsman said.

This is interesting news considering that most people believed that Stewart would have agreed immediately to return as Picard. Nevertheless, we're glad that he had his way with how his character's story will continue.

Star Trek: Picard airs on CBS All Access every Thursday nights.

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