Star Trek: Picard EP Promises Season 2 Will Feature More Starfleet

Credit: CBS All Access

Credit: CBS All Access

Despite being Star Trek's signature institution, the first season of Picard featured little of the Starfleet. In fact, not a single Starfleet vessel appeared on the show, that is until Captain William Riker appeared to rescue Picard. With Season 2 now in development for CBS All Access, Picard co-creator Akiva Goldsman teases a bigger presence of the Starfleet.

"We knew that bringing in that fleet was a little bit of a promise, and so we tried to be thoughtful about it," Goldsman told Indie Wire. "Especially as we go forward, we're going to start making statements about really what the world of Starfleet, at least technologically if not socially and culturally."

Goldsman pointed out that these things are "likely" to get "a little bit more play" in the sophomore season than they did in the first season of Picard, which had a narrative solely focused on Jean Luc being outside of it; parting ways with Starfleet as the show follows more of the retired Picard's adventures.

As mentioned, the closing events of the first season have opened possibilities for more Starfleet to come in season two and it looks like this will then pave the way to even more exciting adventures.

For now, production is halted for the second season of Picard due to the coronavirus pandemic. With filming supposed to start this month, Goldsman remains optimistic, making use of the time to prep more for the show.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is expected to arrive sometime in 2020 followed by Picard Season 2.

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