24 Sep 2021 3:20 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Trek Icon William Shatner Will Reportedly Join Jeff Bezos' Next Space Trip on Blue Origin

It looks like William Shatner is boldly going where no Star Trek cast member has gone before. The Star Trek: The Original Series actor is reportedly joining Jeff Bezos on the Blue Origin's next trip into space.

TMZ reports that Shatner has signed on to join Bezos on his rocket's upcoming trip into space. This means that the Miss Congeniality star is set to be the first major actor who will travel into space. In addition to that, the 90-year-old will be the oldest person ever to be launched into space.

The Blue Origin's upcoming launch is said to be a 15-minute civilian flight and this should work well enough for Shatner and the rest of the crew.

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But why is Shatner boarding the Blue Origin in the first place? Sure, we get it, any of us would jump at the chance to travel into space. However, Shatner might actually be going out there to get some work done. The report suggests that Shatner will be shooting a documentary that was originally offered to Discovery but has since been taken elsewhere.


We're loving the idea of Shatner heading into space to finally fulfill what most Trekkies could only dream about. But will he be bringing his old Captain Kirk costume with him on the trip? We'd love to see Kirk on a mission again and this might be the closest thing we could get.

Shatner's final outing as Kirk was in 1994's Star Trek Generations which also starred Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard.

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