Star Trek: Alex Kurtzman Reveals What To Expect In Possible Discovery Movie

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There is little doubt that Star Trek: Discovery is currently a huge hit for CBS All Access. But what are the chances that the movie based on the series will be happening soon? Executive producer Alex Kurtzman has just addressed the possibility that Discovery will be getting a film and offered some insight on what it could be about.

Kurtzman recently spoke to TrekCore about his several Star Trek projects and was asked if a Discovery movie is possible. Interestingly, Kurtzman chose to answer the query in his own way.


"I think that question, for me, is more, ‘What's the story that is specific to the big screen, and why would it be better told [as a movie]?' And to me, that's a story better told in two hours, or if you're looking at the model of a lot of serialized movies these days, it may be a few two-hour movies that tell a larger story… almost like you do with a season of television, but over the course of five years in the theaters," he said.

OK, so it really sounds like Kurtzman is already thinking ahead and has already considered the possibility. Luckily, he's still open to the idea of a Discovery movie.

"I wouldn't rule anything out, but I also feel like we have to keep forging new ground, and Discovery is such a great place now that we would have to have a reason that inspires us to want us to take it to the big screen," Kurtzman said.

That sounds promising, indeed. So what could a Discovery spin-off movie possibly be about? I don't know about you but it would be great to see more of Michelle Yeoh's Philippa Georgiou. On the other hand, any of the characters in the series would be a great focus at this point.


We might not be getting a spin-off film anytime soon but fans can expect to see Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 air on CBS All Access in 2020.

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