Spider-Man Fan-Film Actor Admits Past Homophobic and Racist Comments

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Spidey shock
Credit: Sony Pictures

Months following the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Spidey fever is still alive and kicking. In fact, a new fanmade film titled Spider-Man: Lotus has piqued the interest of Marvel fans across the globe. However, the said film is currently in the midst of controversy after lead star Warden Wayne's inappropriate comments surfaced online.

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Credit: Sony Pictures

Screenshots of Wayne's past comments which include homophobic and racist language have spread like wildfire on social media. Instead of denying the allegations or just letting the controversy die down, the actor admitted to making offensive remarks several years back.

In a lengthy statement he posted on his official Twitter page, Wayne came forward about "mistakes I made when I was younger". A part of his statement reads: "I'm embarrassed and sad at who I was, and I'm sorry to anyone I may have hurt years ago, or to anyone I may hurt now by revealing this information."

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Say what you will but it's actually admirable that Wayne was man enough to own up to his past mistakes. Sad to say though, in today's society where "cancel culture" still runs rampant, his homophobic and racially offensive comments could be detrimental to his career. Hopefully, there's still a place for him in the industry despite the controversy he's currently facing.

As it stands, it remains to be seen if the backlash will affect the supposed release of Spider-Man: Lotus which was originally set to drop this year.

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