Spider-Man 3 Star Jamie Foxx Gets MCU Suit Update in Flashy New Art

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

The entire geek community is still buzzing about the shocking (literally) news that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actor Jamie Foxx has been given another shot at playing the iconic Spider-Man villain Electro. And get this, he'll return as Max Dillon in Tom Holland's third Spidey sequel. Holy *bleep*!

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Credit: Sony Pictures

Now, viral artist BossLogic is wasting no time to rev up the Electro hype train. Taking to his social media accounts, he shared a pretty dope fan art of Foxx's character, giving his overall look a revamp befitting of his upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe gig. The suit is a mix of his 2014 look with touches of elements from his comic book counterpart. And this time around, Dillon is sporting a brand new helmet. It's extremely flashy! See it for yourself below:

Almost 24 hours following the news, the parties involved have yet to confirm anything but THR states in their exclusive report that Foxx, Marvel Studios, and Sony are already in their final talks for the project so it's almost safe to assume at this point that everything is a lock. We're still not sure how things will play out and if Jamie is actually going to play TASM 2's electrifying baddie or a brand new version who exists in Earth-616 but all signs point to yes considering they've been teasing the concept of the Multiverse since Spider-Man: Far From Home. I think the MCU's Sinister Six are coming to make Peter Parker's life a living hell. Pretty darn stoked about this development!

Marvel Studios and Sony's untitled Spider-Man sequel is expected to hit cinemas in 2021.

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