Sonny Boy Episode 2 DELAYED: RELEASE DATE and TIME, COUNTDOWN, Where to Watch the Anime

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Credit: Madhouse

Simply animated and from a studio that's a guarantee in itself due to big titles such as Death Note and One Punch Man,Sonny Boy gives a mindbending twist to a familiar premise that echoes Lord of the Flies and Battle Royale.

The first episode pre-aired back in June and was mostly received positively - but several weeks have passed since then, and viewers might wonder when the new show will begin to air regularly.

If Sonny Boy looks like your cup of tea, go no further Below you will find all the information you need to watch Sonny Boy Episode 2, including the newest episode's release date and time, and more!

Sonny Boy Overview and Episode 1Recap

Sonny Boy Episode 2 Release Date and Time
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Credit: Madhouse

Sonny Boy is an original anime by Studio Madhouse. Its status means that we can't yet tell where this is going, but here's what we know so far: it all starts with a classroom of 36 students on a regular summer day. The day, of course, stops being regular when the high-schoolers are transported into another dimension, school building and all.

Strangely, their teachers and other adults escaped that fate, so the students find themselves in completely unfamiliar territory, without any instruction and without rules. Additionally, each student develops supernatural powers, which ensures chaos - and the destruction of the school building.

To prevent further problems, the student council decides to take the situation into their own hands by having the students elect a leader. Unfortunately, Cap, the elected representative is actually manipulated by Hoshi, another student who seems to know something more about the mysterious dimension's inner workings.

Some other students, including the main character, Nagara, have developed no powers. This, along with their varied understandings of the world they've found themselves in is bound to create further conflicts moving forward.

Sonny Boy Episode 2Release Date

Sonny Boy Episode 2 Release Date and Time 1
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Credit: Madhouse

Sonny Boy first premiered in June, and has just commenced its weekly schedule. It had been understood that Episode 2 would be released on Friday the 16th of July, but, instead, it was Episode 1 that became available today for subscribed Funimation users. Non-subscribed users will have to wait one more week, until July 23, and this is also when subscribed users will be able to watch Episode 2.

Sonny Boy Episode 2Release Time

Sonny Boy Episode 2 Release Date and Time 2
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Credit: Madhouse

We are expecting Sonny Boy Episode 2 to air next Friday the 23rd of July at 00:00 PM JST. If the above timeline remains correct, Episode 2 will air in different time zones as follows:

Pacific Time: 8:30 AM (July 22)
Central Time: 10:30 AM (July 22)
Eastern Time: 11:30 AM (July 22)
British Time: 4:30 PM (July 22)

Sonny BoyEpisode 2Where to Watch

Sonny Boy Episode 2 Release Date and Time 3
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Credit: Madhouse

You can watch Sonny Boy Episode 2 online with English subtitles on Funimation. Premium users will be able to watch new episodes as they come out, while those watching for free will have to wait one week.

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Sonny Boy Episode 2COUNTDOWN

Sonny Boy Episode 2 RELEASE DATE


Just 6 days left to watch Episode 2 of Sonny Boy on the 22nd of July on Funimation! Other anime you can watch during the Summer season include I'm Standing on a Million Lives and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon MaidSeason 2.


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