Solo: A Star Wars Story Writer Rejects Han's Potential Return in Disney+ Series

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Credit: Lucasfilm

It goes without saying that 2018's Solo: A Star Wars Story failed to click with audiences and when it comes to non-Skywalker saga films, the spinoff project starring Alden Ehrenreich isn't exactly held in high regard. There's a reason why a follow-up hasn't been discussed.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

However, with Lucasfilm expanding the Star Wars universe on Disney+, there's a good chance that the production company will take advantage of the opportunity to bring Ehrenreich back for more Solo adventures.

To be fair, the expansion of the franchise via the streaming service has done wonders for Star Wars, as evidenced by the success of shows like The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi but renowned writer Lawrence Kasdan isn't too keen on the idea of Solo getting a revival on a potential show.

Speaking with Inverse, Kasdan has admittedly reevaluated the 2018 film but if it were up to him, he'd only be open to revisiting Han Solo's pre-Skywalker saga adventures if it happened on the big screen. Rejecting the idea of doing a Solo-centric television project, he said: "I’ve never been particularly drawn to expanding [Solo] into a show. But, I do talk to Jon [Kasdan] and Ron [Howard] a lot about what went right and what went wrong with the Solo experienceI would be more interested in doing another movie, not a TV series."

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Of course, Disney still has the final say regarding future projects but as much as I respect Kasdan's contributions to the Star Wars franchise, I don't exactly think a follow-up film would be the right call. The chances of it underperforming is too much of a gamble on Lucasfilm's part.

Meanwhile, Alden Ehrenreich is joining Marvel Studios' Ironheart series.